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Never settle for anything but the best…Be attended exclusively by high-end, luxury concierge services

GVK Lounge has an association with Les Clefs d’Or one of the world’s leading and most highly regarded association of hotel concierge whose aim as an organisation is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between its members and to provide mutual assistance in order to better serve guests, across the world. The golden keys worn by Concierge signify their membership in the organization and are granted exclusively to those who have not only consistently demonstrated an unsurpassed knowledge of their respective communities, but by those who demand excellence of themselves when meeting the needs of guests.

Membership to the GVK Lounge by TFS Performa hence provides our guests, access to one of the world’s best concierge services. Guests will be assisted to reserve and book any facility from the lounge itself, ranging from hotel booking or for the Formula One circuits. Guests with membership of the GVK Lounge for the First and Premium Class, are exclusively privy to the avail of the concierge services across the world.